Holly Hahn

Holly Hahn has been an artist representative for over 20 years. With her extensive experience comes valuable insight and expertise which plays a pivotal role in making commercial assignments a smooth process from start to finish. She has a thorough understanding of the advertising trade and communications industry.

Greg Whitaker

Most of the images you’ll find on Greg’s site are from projects created for clients, some are from personal experiences and travels. Some created with the help and creative energy of a great production crew, others by just Greg and a camera. For Greg it’s all about connecting with the subjects and places and capturing those fleeting moments and beautiful little pieces of light no matter the level of production necessary to make sure we get there. It’s always a fun, creative and energetic process. We just about always end up with many more great images than we set out to, and usually some good stories too.
Clients Include:
American Family Insurance, Bayer, Biogen, Bose, Bridgestone, Brown County, IN Tourism, Charles Schwab, Coco-Cola, Conseco, Community Health Network, Country Living, Country Mark, Crowe’s Seed, Delta Gamma, DuPont, Ecco, Eli Lilly, Fast Company, Fidelity Investments, Firestone, Frito-Lay, General Electric, Hearst, Hewlett Packard, I.U. Health, Indiana University, James Hardie, Jim Beam, JP Morgan Chase, K12, Kodak, Kohler, Kraft Foods, Land Rover, Layne, Mas Tec, Midwest Living, Monsanto, Nissan, Novartis, Oracle, Otsuka, Pharmacia, Quaker, Remington, Sony, Time Inc, Tom’s of Maine, Traditional Arts Indiana, UPS, Wheaton Worldwide, Yamaha, 3M Corporation.