Holly Hahn

Holly Hahn has been an artist representative for over 20 years. With her extensive experience comes valuable insight and expertise which plays a pivotal role in making commercial assignments a smooth process from start to finish. She has a thorough understanding of the advertising trade and communications industry.

John Towner

John Towner is a Bay Area and Chicago based Portrait, Lifestyle, Fashion and Commercial Photographer.
He loves shooting gritty urban landscapes and vast expanses of wilderness, but he’s happiest photographing people, no matter the environment.
John shoots for advertising agencies, lookbooks and brand content for both creators and curators, editorials for magazines, and portraits for performers. He and his wife also travel regularly, and he’s pretty sure he’s slowly driving her insane by turning every trip into one long photoshoot ;)

To see more of his photography, visit townerphoto.com. To see what's in John’s camera bag, check out his feature over at Shot Kit.